Installation review- Siemens FS140 whole-house surge protector
· ☕ 6 min read · ✍️ Cj
After an unfortunate encounter with a thunderstorm and reviewing a book by the Polyphaser corporation, I've decided the best course of action to protect equipment around the shop and home is to install a panel-level surge surpressor. Here's how it went.

A simple clamp-on brush fork for the tractor bucket
· ☕ 3 min read · ✍️ Cj
Still have an awful lot of pruning and tree trimming to be done in our little orchard. Sure would be nice to use the 'diesel wheelbarrow' to help push those around a little easier.

Extra black oxide parts and photos
· ☕ 2 min read · ✍️ Cj
More photos and parts finished up with black oxide. A short followup to last week's post. parts.

Building bipod spikes and black oxide finishing
· ☕ 9 min read · ✍️ Cj
I've decided it's too difficult to find spikes for the Harris series of bipods, so I'm going to have to build my own. This is also the perfect place to try out my new black oxide solution and have a new way to put a professional finish on bare steel parts.

Building a set of compact grappling hooks
· ☕ 3 min read · ✍️ Cj
Some process pictures of building mini grappling hooks with internal storage. A fun excuse to practice single point threading.

Controlling power outlets at long range with LoRa
· ☕ 10 min read · ✍️ Cj
Wi-Fi remote controlled outlets and relay boards are a popular project for home automation. I have a couple projects were remote power control would be useful, but probably need a bit more range than most Wi-Fi routers can provide. So I'll build the same thing with my favorite long-range data radios.

Kydex equipment projects
· ☕ 8 min read · ✍️ Cj
A gallery of some recent kydex projects. Mostly about building a G21 holster I finally like!